Shockwave Integrated Air Springs & Shocks

Introduced in 1999, the ShockWave® is, by far, the most significant invention in hot rod air ride suspension! ShockWaves® are so unique and so advanced, the United States granted us TWO patents concerning its design and function. RideTech is the inventor of this technology, not an imitator. We have continuously developed and refined ShockWaves® over the last 20 years. Many of the world’s most radical and beautiful hot rods and customs rely on ShockWaves® on the road and on the show circuit.

ShockWave® is an integrated air spring and shock absorber system. Replace your car or truck’s metal springs with pressure adjustable air springs (aka air bag). ShockWaves® feature correctly sized air springs and properly calibrated shock absorbers that install in your vehicle in a manner similar to coilovers. ShockWaves are the most compact solution available for your air ride-equipped car or truck. Its the ultimate air suspenion solution.