No-Bleed Quick Disconnect Fitting-Male

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Wilwood dry break quick connect/disconnect fittings make changing brake components faster with no need to bleed the system. A quick quarter-turn disconnects it, without tools, but they connect as secure as a threaded flexline fitting. The internal spring-loaded seal prevents air from entering or fluid from escaping.

Engineered explicitly for high-pressure hydraulic brake fluid systems. Configure hydraulic component spares with the appropriate adapter and pre-bleed for instant use, when needed. Race-proven in circle track, off-road, and endurance road racing. Lightweight (0.6 ounces) aluminum, precision engineered and hard anodized with -3 AN male fitting to male quick disconnect.

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Master Cylinder Dimensions
Bore Size  
Area (inĀ²)  
Volume (cu in)  
Master Cylinder Description
Type Male
Material Aluminum
Finish Type III Ano
Res Type  
Res Size (oz)  
Res Size(cu in)  
UPC Number
UPC 889545109504
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