Complete Coil-Over Suspension System | 1963-1979 Corvette

Complete Coil-Over System for 63-79 Corvette. Includes front and rear HQ Series Coil-Overs, front TruTurn system, rear StrongArms and front MuscleBar.

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The Ridetech Coil-Over System for the C2 & C3 Corvette’s includes everything you need to make your vintage Corvette handle like a new Corvette.  The package contains front upper and lower control arms, tall spindles, billet steering arms, inner & outer tie rods, front MuscleBar, rear trailing arms and 4 HQ Series Coil-Overs for every corner of your vehicle. The benefit of buying a complete suspension system is that it takes all of the guesswork out when purchasing a new suspension. Ridetech has spent hours collecting data to find a perfect spring rate and components for your vehicle’s performance and ride quality.

  • Upper StrongArms feature corrected ball joint angles for the tall spindles. The upper ball joints have been moved back to allow for additional caster setting to improve high speed stability and steering feel. Offset slugs are also available for additional caster. Injection molded Delrin bushings with 13% Teflon are used to reduce deflection and stiction.    
  • Lower StrongArms feature a double sheer lower mount for increased strength. We have also dropped the lower shock mount to increase suspension travel and moved the lower ball joint forward to increase caster settings while keeping the wheel centered in the wheel opening. Injection molded Delrin bushings with 13% Teflon are used to reduce deflection and stiction.   
  • TruTurn System includes tall spindles which induce more negative camber gain to maximize tire contact patch during cornering.  It also includes steering arms, center link adapter, tie rods and adjusters to virtually eliminate bumpsteer, correct Ackerman angle and allow for wider tires.   This spindle is designed for use with 1967-1969 Camaro brake systems.   Use conversion kit part # 11529595 to utilize stock Corvette brakes.  Compatible with stock manual steering or Borgeson power steering box.  Will not fit stock power assist or rack and pinion conversions.
  • HQ Series Coil-Overs utilize an impact forged aluminum body and Monotube design to deliver excellent ride quality and handling. They allow fine tuning of the ride quality and handling the rebound knob is located at the top of the shock for under hood access. They come standard with a 1,000,0001 Mile Warranty.  
  • Front MucleBar Sway Bar helps reduce body roll and creates room for wider front tires. It includes the PosiLink end links that provide immediate engagement between the chassis and control arms.  Adjustable rate from 653 lbs/in to 805 lbs/in.
  • Rear StrongArms are offset for increased tire clearance and are fabricated into a truss design for maximum strength and minimum weight.  Also incorporated is the adjustable coil-over mount, conveniently locating them behind the axle for easy adjustments.   The upper coil-over crossmember simply bolts in place of the stock cross member.   The strut rods are outfitting with R-Joint rod ends to combine the best qualities of low friction movement, lateral stability, full range articulation, and quiet operation into one special bearing that is as home on the street as it is on the racetrack!


  • Rear MuscleBar Sway Bar- The addition of the rear sway bar is for the true track car. Wide tires + Big horsepower typically means faster corner speeds. The MuscleBar sway bar helps keep those rear tires hooked up through the corner.  


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SUSPENSION TYPE Coil-Over Suspension

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