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Air Lift Performance not only provides products to get your vehicle low, but also to keep you and your ride safe. The Air Lift Performance Stance Guard Kit provides safety measures for an extra peace of mind to ensure you have the best #LifeOnAir. Let us focus on safety so you can focus on creating the customized look and feel you’ve been dreaming about.

Features of the ALP3 Stance Guard Kit include an audible alarm when the vehicle is below, or above, a safe driving pressure (correlating to vehicle height). A lock-out feature also prevents intentional or unintentional adjustments while driving, disabling the function of the controller or app while the vehicle is in motion.

The key benefit of the audible alarm is to alert you if you are aired out and do not have rise-on-start enabled, it acts as a reminder that you are below a safe driving height and need to air up prior to driving. Once the vehicle starts moving, a lock icon appears on the display to indicate that adjustments are now locked out.

Attempting to make an adjustment then generates a “Stance Guard Lockout” fault on the screen and also puts the system into manual mode as an additional safety measure. Once the vehicle stops moving, the lock icon goes away to indicate that adjustments can now be made. This is also a good indicator that you can air-out without the Minimum Ride setting stopping the vehicle from doing so, which happens if you try to air-out during or shortly after driving the vehicle.