1973- 87 Chevy Pickup, 1973- 91 Chevy Blazer, GMC Jimmy and Suburbans GRFX Instruments

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A direct bolt-in to the ’73-87 Chevy Truck, the GRFX-73C-PU offers the boldest interior upgrade that can be made. Bringing integration ability with any drivetrain, modern features and technology, along with the ability to customize to your heart’s content, there is no comparison! 

The Grafix Series allows the user to customize nearly every aspect of the instrument system.  A variety of graphic themes can be selected, each element within can be further personalized with unique display colors and warning modes.  Furthermore, each gauge location can be configured with an Analog, Digital, or Bar-graph style of readout. Each display can show readings singly, grouped in pairs for twice the visible data, or completely reconfigured to show a different readout entirely!

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