1949- 50 Chevy Car RTX Instruments

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We started by designing our own billet aluminum gauge housing to fit the ’49-50 dash, allowing this to fit directly into place. Next, our engineering team studied the original instrument style and translated that timeless look, while adding LED backlighting, stepper motors needle movements, a full-color TFT message center, and a host of other late model features. Never before have you seen such a stylish and capable instrument system upgrade that bolts into a 1949-50 Chevy car dashboard using stock hardware and retaining the OEM crimp-on front bezel.

The RTX series is the latest from Dakota Digital, focused on retaining that stock look without sacrificing the late-model features you love. Every effort has been put forth to incorporate OEM design elements regarding the layout, face styling and indicators. A casual glance may dismiss these as original equipment, but once you hit the switch and the LED backlighting comes on in your favorite color scheme, all doubts will be removed.

Starting from scratch, CNC machined housings are filled with electronics designed and built in-house, helping Dakota Digital once again raise the bar for aftermarket instrumentation. The high-definition TFT message centers can be fully configured to display just about any piece of information needed. As you’ve come to expect from Dakota Digital, the RTX series utilizes a central control box to make installation and setup as easy as possible. Click the tabs below for a more in-depth look at the RTX series!

*Bezel not included, shown for visual/presentation purposes.
System uses OEM bezel(Bezel shown for representation purposes only).

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