HDX-2017: Universal 5.75″ x 12″ Elliptical, Analog HDX Instruments

$3,048.63 inc. GST

A graceful, billet aluminum front bezel is integrated with the 2” deep housing, making this a one-piece solution. Six analog readings and a large TFT message center are encompassed in the 12″ x 5.7″ body (11.655” x 5.295” cutout), requiring two inches of clearance on the backside. Built-in capacitive touch switches streamline installation, giving you the time you need to craft the perfect, one-off dashboard!

Available with your choice of black or silver alloy gauge-face styling, each HDX system allows the user to select independent illumination colors for the gauge readings and needles, as well as the message centers. Calibration and personal settings are manipulated with the built-in, capacitive-touch buttons, or the available Bluetooth app for Apple and Android devices. Each needle hub is black nickel plated spun-aluminum to match the buttons. All HDX instrument systems feature dead-faced indicators (turn signals, high beam, check engine, cruise control, parking brake, plus two user-definable), and a red, settable warning light for each gauge. With our central control box, installation is greatly simplified with vehicle-harness sourced signals and supplied, solid state sending units connecting cleanly to their respective terminal. Click the tabs below for a more in-depth look at the HDX series!

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